Kids Section

What are we working on?

Do you know kids or see some often, if you do, maybe you have thought about sharing with them the old testament and some parts from the Gospel.  It may be hard to know exactly where to start, or how to talk about bible aspects (especially with kids )

Whoever you are or wherever you are, JesusTheTruthAndTheWay is working on the most efficient bible study and bible story explanation guide for Kids.

These documents will be absolutely free and they will include:

Easy to read stories and easy to understand stories
Activity Sheets for older kids to explain what was learned and to fill up while listening to the story
Guide for parents and for those who are in charge of the bible activity
Activity sheets which will be used after all story and study periods, which will include much bigger aspects such as  idolatry, receiving the Holy Spirit, the trinity…
Ready sheets for kids to keep in a binder, which includes all the stories, the lessons to be learned from each story, the much bigger aspects: idolatry, receiving the Holy Spirit, the trinity…, Important things to keep in mind while growing up and starting their adult life, small prayers for all of the known needs: repentance, anger, wanting the Holy Spirit…,  Important sections and verses in the bible for each need…, Other resources…
As you may have noticed this is a big project and may take some time, but as soon as a module or section has been completed, we will post it on our kids section page!

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