When You Hear & See, Do Not Be Deaf, Nor Blind

You see but you are blind, you hear but you are deaf, you speak but you are mute

Thinking that you see is one thing, but seeing is another thing, Thinking that you hear is one thing, but hearing is another thing…

This means that hearing the word of God, is not only hearing it in your conscious, but hearing it in your spirit, hearing it in your heart, in your faith and in your belief.  Because those who hear, and do not believe, nor do not want to accept are deaf and those who see but do not believe, do not accept nor do not change are also deaf.

Seeing the works of God, is not only the fact of seeing it, but it is the fact of adding this knowledge into your life, into your faith, and into your belief.  Now hearing is the same, if you hear ones testimonial, if you hear ones miracle, if you hear the word of God, but do not believe it, nor accept it, nor change your life according to the word of the Lord, than you are deaf & you are blind.

Now speaking is different yet similar from hearing and seeing, when one man speaks about the word of God, yet he does not speak with the Holy Spirit, than this man is mute, and his saying is from man and not from God but if one man speaks of the word of God, without being with the Lord, than this man’s teachings should not be listened too.  For most of their words might be true, but their speaking will be of the will of man and not of God.

When you hear the word of God yet do not put it in your life, than why have you heard it, you are no different from a deaf man, when you see the works of the Lord, yet you do not take from what you have seen, for you have eyes yet you do not see.


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