I keep praying but do I have the Holy Spirit?

Many people think that when you always pray and that you are strong in belief, you have the holy spirit. You may be praying all day, but not believing in the truth, you may even be praying to the wrong God.  Before getting the Holy Spirit, you have to accept that maybe you don’t actually believe in the truth.  You have to also be ready to learn the truth and use it into your life. Some people pray for the truth every day, when in reality God has shown them the truth right in front of their eyes and they still refuse to believe it. The truth can come from another person, a dream, a voice or even a thought.  You have to be ready for it! Maybe your already believing in the truth, but you have hatred against people and that is why you don’t have the Holy Spirit. When you don’t have the Holy Spirit it means that you don’t believe in the truth.  If you are not sure if you have the Holy Spirit or not this might help you: If you scream, swear, hate, get angry against people, idolize things other than God, feel depressed, have negativity, than there is big chance that you don’t have the Holy Spirit. You can not have the Holy Spirit until you admit that Jesus is God. Any sin brings you away from God.

No one comes to the father except trough me

It’s very good if you are strong in belief! Imagine when you believe in the truth and that you have the Holy Spirit, you will always be peaceful and praising Jesus every step of your way,

Ask to know the truth and be ready for it, for it will come but will you know that it came?

If you have any thoughts or questions don’t be shy to leave it in the comments.

Written by Alec from JesusTheTruthAndTheWay


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