The power of faith

Faith is one of the most important things for a christian to have.

Faith isn’t simply thinking that something is going to happen, but it is knowing that it will happen.

When Jesus was Healing people, he had total faith that they where going to be healed.  If you trust in God and you believe that your Heavenly Father is listening to you;

Why would you not be sure that your prayers will be answered?

Because you are falling in the lies of the devil, the devil tries to bring down your faith and your trust in Jesus,  he will try to fool you in any mean what so ever, but the important question is if you have been letting him win?  If you know that you don’t have enough faith in your Father then:

It’s time for you to have more faith, to stop doubting God, but faith does not come alone…it is a gift from God!

If you want to have more faith just ask God and you will get it!  For he always hears your prayers and if you want more faith with all your hearth, you will get it.

Ask and you shall receive

If you have been praying for it for a long time and you still are not confidant that you have more faith, I would read psalm 91, 3 times every night and after each time I would ask to have more faith.

If you have any thought, comment or question don’t be shy to leave it in the comments

Written by Alec from JesusTheTruthAndTheWay


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